natural immunity

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immunity to disease that occurs as part of an individual's natural biologic makeup

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One potential reason for repeat outbreaks is that high levels of the virus, found in fecal material, overwhelm hogs' natural immunity, Snelson said.
We are now truly excited about the possibility of revolutionizing the management of infectious disease through the use of shared natural immunity with True Human(TM) therapeutic antibodies.
The vaccine will give extra assurance against this disease as the natural immunity sheep and cattle develop after initial exposure is not proven to prevent disease the following year.
The virus has infected people of all age groups, from two to 81, suggesting that humans have no natural immunity to it.
Your stomach may simply not be used to the level of spice, or it's just as easily possible that you may have ingested something which you have not had the chance to build any natural immunity to.
Additionally, there is growing research into human immunity and vital work is being done with those who have natural immunity or resistance to emerging illnesses.
The three-hour sessions, to be run in centres including Durham and Chester-le-Street, will cover diagnosing and treating common ailments and illnesses children may suffer as they develop their natural immunity from being babies to the age of five.
Food as a Natural Immunity Booster - Winter is an excellent time to grab a hot chocolate and go, but with cold, blustery winds comes the flu, sore throat and a variety of other seasonal illnesses.
The vaccine could be given to people who already have the disease to stimulate their natural immunity," Rivest said.
However, there is very little work examining the impact of immunotherapy on the existing natural immunity.
Up to the menopause, women appear to have a natural immunity to heart disease and the rate of illness is only a third of that seen in men.
Gone are the days when one could pretend that Islamic finance enjoys a natural immunity to the world's diseased economy.
Today's younger generation is in the high-risk group, because the environment around them has changed owing to urbanization, poor nutrition and unbalanced meals; there's also a greater focus on hygiene, which results in reducing the body's natural immunity, while making it less prone to infections.
Shown in clinical studies to reduce the levels of harmful bacteria in the throat, the gut and even on infected wounds, whilst also strengthening the body's natural immunity, the honey can be spread on toast or added to a warm drink.
The patient, who had both HIV infection and leukemia, received the bone marrow transplant in 2007 from a donor who had a genetic mutation known to give patients a natural immunity to the virus.