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So, the answer is - sustainable clothing, which uses natural fibres, a great alternative to synthetic, artificial materials.
Lot 6 Sleeping Mats, Natural fibre, 360cm x 180cm ,Lot 6 Sleeping Mats, Natural fibre, 180cm x 90cm.
Evaluation of Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Banana-Flax based Natural Fibre Composite", Materials and Design, 60: 620-627.
Improving the mechanical properties of natural fibre fabric reinforced epoxy composites by alkali treatment.
The coming-together of different stakeholders associated with natural fibres would help identify the scope and strategy for purposeful utilization of our natural fibre resources, including jute, he added.
Joyce Mapunjo, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said SIDO should train small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in use of natural fibres, so as to help them better penetrate in the world market.
Although natural fibre fabric has a symmetrical construction on both directions, type 14/1, tests revealed significant differences in mechanical properties of the two directions.
These are problems for which AD Majoris has practical work-arounds, and a measure of its ability to deal with the aesthetics of natural fibre compounds is that at one time car manufacturers only considered them for non-visible parts, but now they are looking to their use in visible components.
The Sheepwalk - a woolly take on the cat walk - was a crowd-pleaser, with models showing off some of the beautiful woollen and natural fibre items produced by exhibiting traders.
By replacing petroleum-based materials with sustainable natural fibres, Green Inside compounds can more than double the strength of the base polymer while offering added environmental benefits.
And in the longer term the charity intends to offer social housing providers natural fibre insulation at reduced costs.
Part two goes on to explore the improvement of natural fibre properties and production through breeding and cultivation, beginning with a discussion of fibrous flax and cotton.
The team found that Alginate - a natural fibre found in sea kelp - stops the body from absorbing fat better than most anti-obesity treatments currently available over the counter.
In cooperation with the bioprocess engineering department of Hanover University of Applied Sciences, Berstorff has developed a new twin-screw extruder concept for the production of natural fibre compounds.