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In light of the above mentioned issues, it may be concluded that although the current system on natural disaster risk financing in Romania is being modernized, it still lacks the capacity to cover all potential losses caused by an extreme natural event. Because of this the Government's residual fiscal exposure to a major natural catastrophe remains high and appropriate measures are needed to provide more financing capacity.
Scientists say some varieties of the pandas' main food, bamboo, are starting to flower, seed and then die, a natural event that normally occurs about every 60 years, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.
Yet the local peoples resist such a plan, as such radical change would alter their way of life--Tuareg nomads and Islamic tribes initiate a war, and only a cataclysmic natural event can bring an end to the suffering.
Duval found the claims may not be excluded, as the term "flood" may be read only to refer to a natural event and not the result of human errors in the construction and maintenance of the levees.
EU regional development Commissioner Danuta Hubner said: "We are able to provide financial support to offset a share of the financial costs incurred to help improve the living conditions of the population heavily affected by this natural event".
"Our volunteers have helped many thousands of people connect with thousands of whales over the years," whale watch coordinator Mike Rivers said, "both by learning the techniques of whale watching and understanding this enormous natural event."
"Breastfeeding a baby is a natural event. It is a lovely event.
She proposes that women have been going through menopause for thousands of years, therefore it is a natural event in the lives of women.
It is like a natural event and everybody has to play a certain role.
In this context vulnerability encompasses both physical and social characteristics that increase individual or societal susceptibility to the affects of an extreme natural event as well decrease ones ability to recover after and event has occurred.
When water has been thus compromised, a natural event such as a change in water temperature can trigger the complete transformation and eventual demise of a lake, a process that is difficult to halt once started.
For those living in the upper Midwest, the Northeast or Northwest, ponds and lakes are a natural part of the ecosystems there and digging a hole and waiting for it to fill is a fairly natural event in those areas.
Dr Cornelia Feather-stone, the community's resident doctor, said: "This conference is all about learning to accept death as a natural event.
Even back then, though, thinkers such as Socrates suggested that lightning was a natural event that could be explained by science.
They wrote on their Facebook page: "This is a natural event, usually a combination of a strong onshore wind and a choppy sea.
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