natural endowment

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natural abilities or qualities

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To optimally benefit from this natural endowment, there is a need for an integrated National Maritime Policy.
We do not see Afghanistan as merely a bridge or a roundabout connecting these regions, contributing only as a transit route, but as a possible driver of economic growth in the region with development of its human resources; its natural endowment including minerals and hydrocarbon resources," the External Affairs Minister said.
Government will be making critical decisions on uses of water and power, airborne emissions, waste management and conservation of the natural endowment.
Within that framework, he discusses dueling paradigms, our previous endowment, understanding our natural endowment, a tale of two energy crises, dysfunctional markets, nature as guide, closing the materials loop, shifting back to renewable energy sources, economic succession, and economic resiliency.
Clean air and water is the natural endowment we were given," she reminds me.
PESHAWAR, May 30 -- There has never been a better time to invest in youth development of FATA for they are future leaders and if appropriate opportunities are made available to put their natural endowment to creative and productive channels, they are indeed capable of working wonders.
Ohio's place in history has been achieved by the use of our rich natural endowment.
He said it was disheartening that what oil exporting countries had gained from controlling their natural endowment was being lost through the near-total domination of the service sector of the industry by a few foreign companies.
As we overcut, overplow, overpump, overgraze, and overfish, we are consuming not only the interest from our natural endowment, we are devouting the endowment itself.
Second, both terms maintain that these exceptional qualities are in a certain sense innate, the literal gift of some form of natural endowment.
And limitations created by an area's natural endowment and labor force are constraints on what rural development opportunities are available.
These contrasting approaches reflect a philosophical divide between the two men on the federal government's proper role in protecting America's natural endowment.
And `view corridors' allow the sea and the mountains to be seen, capitalising on the city's magnificent natural endowment.
The introductory theme is that areas where natural endowment is poor and depleted, and where little or no compensating development has taken place, are areas where conflict flourishes--the substance of conflict being intense competition over scarce and diminishing resources in the context of a rapidly expanding population.