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An extra percentage of surface natural covering is wiped out and replaced with urban constructions and many of landscapes have changed to residential area to place people in.
The bark adds nutrition and color, sets off the lawn, enhances the flower beds, and is a natural covering for the wooded hillsides where grass can't grow, Walker said.
If you've always hated that carpet, throw it away and use a natural covering like sea-grass matting or coir.
5 : to lose or cast aside (a natural covering or part) <The dog is shedding hair.>
The system is voluntary and is through the British Equestrian Federation and, in turn, it gives mare owners confidence as to where they are sending their mares and that the work is done by trained and qualified staff to maintain high standards whether it is natural covering or AI.
"It reinforcing is within the definition of a natural covering as defined in the International Agreement on Breeding and Racing compiled by the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities.
``Foals have to be the product of a natural covering.
Said Val: "Natural covering in an ideal world means the mare comes into season and is naturally covered by a stallion and off she goes in foal.
Whether you want to breed from your mare by natural covering or artificial insemination (AI), Glenwood Stud near Stamfordham has all the options for you.
I was concerned about the integrity of the Stud Book, because although we had blood-typing, it was acknowledged not to be foolproof, and I could foresee a vast increase in the number of queries over parentage as a consequence of the abandonment of natural covering.
Examples of natural coverings are the shells of eggs, fat or skins in animals, and/or peel of fruits.
The group also ensured slow-worms found during the clear-up were quickly concealed again with more natural coverings.