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You can enroll for childbirth preparation classes where a coach will help you and your husband to prepare for a natural childbirth.
The hospital charges just Dh1,000 for a natural childbirth, provided the mother has made at least three paid consultation visits.
Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way: Revised Edition by Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg (Plume, 1996)
Margaret Christensen reiterate the basics about natural childbirth.
In addition to the risks to women's health and lives, cesarean sections are more expensive than natural childbirth and these surgical interventions transform a natural, physiological act into a medical procedure.
However, despite a credo that celebrates natural childbirth, much of what McMoyler sets forth here as enlightened information--in chapters that tend to repeat key bits like a mantra--seems like a new, nonapologetic paradigm for medically managed birth, one in which the gains of the Lamaze and Bradley era are actually set aside in favor of trusting medical professionals, with the result that natural childbirth eventually may be viewed as an easily discarded ideal, one characterized by unnecessary rigor and uncalled-for stubbornness.
CHAMPION - Sarah Clarke believes baby Oliver has given her a greater insight into natural childbirth.
She has opted to have her baby this way despite the widely held view in Iran that natural childbirth is for poor people who cannot afford C-sections.
C[pounds sterling]In the end, I rationalised that when a woman goes through natural childbirth, she suffers an enormous amount.
It was painful and it was a big struggle and I didn't understand it but in the end, I rationalised that, when a woman has a child and goes through natural childbirth, she suffers an enormous amount," she said.
Bookstores are quite saturated with pregnancy books, but most of them appear to belong to one of two opposite camps: those written by the medical professionals or those written by the natural childbirth movement.
Sheri's illnesses prevented natural childbirth so we adopted, and over the course of the next ten years we were blessed with three wonderful children.
The result," writes Donor #15, who supports a fully open market, "is a bizarre juxtaposition of crass commerce and high rhetoric, of conceptions cooked up in a lab to fill a demand for natural childbirth and an industry selling illusion along with DNA.
Natural childbirth fans point out that their method takes the power away from doctors and returns it to the womenfolk, since pregnancy is not an illness but a natural state that midwives and other women attended to for centuries.
After moving into a former Birth House in Nova Scotia, McKay was inspired to learn more about the history of midwifery and natural childbirth.
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