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To get the most natural action from soft swimbaits, use a long leader of 25- to 30-pound fluorocarbon linked to 30- to 40-pound braid with a back-to-back uni-knot.
He perceived a threat and said his natural action was to use a clenched fist to hit him.
Oprisko explains the inevitable, natural action for one to protect their social honor by any means possible.
With the Fujitsu Laboratories-developed wearable device, users can receive work instructions and other information, just by taking the natural action of touching an object.
I opted for my natural action," said Usman, who impressed the selectors with his bowling for Pakistan under-19 and under-23 teams.
He reaches for the tree tops, a natural action for him, and along with the monkeys and the birds he has company and can see the stars.
Ethics cannot be delegated; they should be a natural action even at the top management levels.
He seems to have even lost his natural action and not just his effectiveness," he said.
The ink has no effect on the feather's weight or its natural action.
Natural Action 7g Diktat - Naskhi Karen Bowen 0-91FF6 RPR 130c OR 124c He's been a bit unlucky.
Asking a question out loud strikes me as a more natural action than typing a question into a search box.
The idea of liking a brand is a much more natural action than (becoming a fan) of a brand," said Michael Lazerow, CEO of Buddy Media, which helps companies establish their brands and advertise on social networks such as Facebook.
This group has a natural action (via Moebius transformations) on the unit disc D = {z: [absolute value of z] < 1} in the complex plane C.
Natural Action (85-40) kept up the good work for market leaders in the Pompadour Day Handicap Hurdle, with Enroblim Trop making all under Tom Scudamore as the 11-4 joint-favourite in the Anna Busbridge Memorial Handicap Chase.
On the downside, the exposed tines pick up debris, are prone to snagging, and can dampen the minnow's natural action.