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With many variations, suggested by the nature of his building materials, diversity of climate, and a different mode of social life, Governor Bellingham had planned his new habitation after the residences of gentlemen of fair estate in his native land.
When the persecuted companions of Robinson, exiles from their native land, anxiously sued for the privilege of removing a thousand leagues more distant to an untried soil, a rigorous climate, and a savage wilderness, for the sake of reconciling their sense of religious duty with their affections for their country, few, perhaps none of them, formed a conception of what would be, within two centuries, the result of their undertaking.
Yet, while so deeply impressed with the sense of religious obligation, they felt, in all its energy, the force of that tender tie which binds the heart of every virtuous man to his native land.
Next came the wide, sandy desert separating the rest of the world from the Land of Oz, and before noon they saw the dome-shaped houses that proved they were once more within the borders of their native land.
Few travellers who had penetrated to these regions had ever again seen their native land.
Grimaud tendered twenty guineas to the captain, and at nine o'clock in the morning, having a fair wind, our Frenchmen set foot on their native land.
It was little more than a half-civilized community, and the chances were that they would drag Akut and him forth in the morning and hang them both to the nearest tree--he had read of such things being done in America, and Africa was worse even and wilder than the great West of his mother's native land.
That kind of police briskness rather more reminds me of my native land than German journalism does.
People living in these areas should get their native land back.
He also had to leave his native land, which was ravaged by the civil war of the 1990s, in many ways a staging ground for the slaughter and devastation that religious fanaticism would soon spread to other parts of the world.
The Northwest Ordinance: Constitutional Politics and the Theft of Native Land
Endeavoring for the transformation of the tarnished image of his native land, he considers music especially the traditional music of the Pushtoons of the area with local traditions and taste, as the cogent medium for the purpose.
But the current Indian Muslim population chose to stay in their native land despite having the choice of migrating to Pakistan.
He said that military operation have cleared the areas therefore the government has decided to repatriate them in their native land.
The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) left the former fire brigade HQ at 8 Albert Embankment in 2008 and, in conjunction with Native Land - in which the Qatari investors hold a 45% stake - applied for planning permission to convert the site.