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Synonyms for interpreter



Synonyms for interpreter

someone who mediates between speakers of different languages

someone who uses art to represent something

(computer science) a program that translates and executes source language statements one line at a time

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While Native Client (NaCl) tries to run native code directly a browser that supports NaCl (only Chrome for now), Emscripten compiles it to JavaScript so it can run in any browser.
Casting off the stereotypical image of the "reservation Indian," many Native clients may blend with the dominant culture in terms of appearance, mannerisms, interests, and so forth and experience some rejection from their friends and families who have stayed on the reservation (Tafoya & Wirth, 1996).
We're thrilled that Star Legends will be the first Native Client game released on the Chrome Web Store.
We're developing new technologies for future releases that will support tablets and other mobile devices with optimized native clients and unique features," he said.
CloudBuddy Enterprise has multi-mode access such as Web, WebDAV, Web Services and Native Client for Windows to the AWS S3 storage.
Its powerful native client application lets you connect to Nagios or GroundWork Monitor via the internet using a secure, intuitive hierarchical native interface," said Daniel Feinsmith, the creator of Brooklyn for Nagios.
The DiVitas Server supports both the new DiVitas web client and the DiVitas native client simultaneously.
It gives users the ability to sync any folder or desktop, include and exclude subfolders, and use native clients for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.
Sometimes you may not succeed, but this is not different with native clients.
Born in New York and raised in Mexico and Spain, Emiliano Acevedo has an insider's knowledge of the city coupled with a deep understanding of both foreign and native clients.
In 12 chapters, psychologists from the US outline the conceptual foundation and theoretical approaches of competency-based clinical supervision and the multidimensional ecological comparative approach, followed by examples of best practices related to race, immigration and migration, social class, disability, religion and spirituality, gender, sexuality, American Indian and Alaska Native clients, and group supervision, and their conceptualization, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as the values, attitudes, and personal factors involved, ending with a chapter on reflective practice.
The package provides users with both standards-based and native clients and APIs for interacting with both UniData and UniVerse.
cognitive distortions, cognitive schema, and irrational thoughts) because Native clients are not socialized to think in terms of labels or categories but rather to narrate, disclose experiences, and seek harmony.
Still, two big contentions remain that I think may well define technology in the coming year: traditional PC technology versus mobile technology and web-based applications versus native clients.