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the leader of a nationalist movement

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But nationalist leader Devlet Bahceli has ruled that out, leaving an interim power-sharing cabinet as virtually the only option.
RALLY Quebec nationalist leader Lucien Bouchard in 1995
NEW DELHI: Controversial Hindu nationalist leader Narendra Modi swept back to power in India's Gujarat state yesterday in what is being called a national victory over the rival Congress party.
THE Queen makes a point to Alex Salmond yesterday in her historic first audience with a Nationalist leader of Scotland.
Following a week of visits to his birthplace of Xian and the burial place of China's great nationalist leader Sun Yat-sen, opposition leader Lien Chan met with P.
THE BBC must stand firm against New Labour's ``bul lying'' says Alex Salmond, theScot ti sh Nationalist leader.
Government, assisted in the assassination of nationalist leader Patrice Lumumba because they feared he favored Communism.
The dispute began when Polish nationalist leader Kazimierz Switon initiated "Action Crosses" in early August.
White Angolan poet, short-story writer, and nationalist leader who campaigned for Angolan solidarity and independence from Portugal through political action and powerful lyric poetry.
1846 - 1891) Irish nationalist leader, a Member of Parliament.
Addressing a rally on the occasion of nationalist leader Abdul Samad Khan's death anniversary, the PK-MAP leader said the provinces should be given their basic rights.
Davutoglu met with the leader of the right-wing opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) on Monday in a last-ditch effort to agree a working government, but the nationalist leader refused all of the options he presented.
MARDAN -- Speakers at a condolence reference paid glowing tribute to late Pakhtun nationalist leader Mohammad Azam Khan Hoti here at Taroon wedding Hall on Monday.
BRUSSELS, June 10 (KUNA) -- King Philippe of Belgium Tuesday extended the Flemish nationalist leader Bart De Wever's mandate as a negotiator to form a coalition government for another week.
Bulgarian nationalist leader Volen Siderov presented his version about the scandal with the French cultural attache at Varna Airport.