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Synonyms for nationalise

make national in character or scope


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put under state control or ownership

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Bulgaria will nationalise Corporate Commercial Bank (Corpbank) by July 21 if shareholders fail to provide necessary funding to the lender after a run on deposits, Reuters has reported, citing the country's finance minister.
Former Barclays boss Bob Diamond has told a group of MPs that the bank lowered key lending rates due to fears the Government would want to nationalise the lender during the financial crisis.
Asked about the plan to nationalise the Djezzy unit, he said: "The state has expressed its position and is still sticking to that position.
He has threatened to nationalise Polar, the top brewer and food processor in the country of 30 million.
If we nationalise it, we cut out shareholders getting the biggest profit of the business and that goes back into the service.
The Icelandic government's move to nationalise Kaupthing comes after it rolled out a number of emergency financial laws to combat fears of national bankruptcy.
I think they should nationalise everything that used to be and a few other things as well.
The Government was yesterday accused of attempting to nationalise the police 'by the back door' by making forces report to Ministers.
Some of the union leaders have called for the government to nationalise the carrier.
In September 2006, President Hugo Chavez repeated a threat to nationalise CANTV over a long-standing pension dispute.
THE Government was too slow to nationalise Northern Rock after its near collapse, the Treasury's top civil servant told MPs yesterday.
The Bill would, in fact, nationalise the money supply, thus releasing us from the stranglehold of the banks without nationalising the banking or deposit taking sector.
So let's nationalise something that will reward the taxpayer - gas/oil/electric supplies, water companies, British Rail, British Airways, British Telecom, hospital cleaning services, steel works, motor car industries and, dare I say it, coalmines.
SHARES in stricken bank Northern Rock were suspended today after the Government moved to nationalise the lender.
Ruling party MPs passed a constitutional amendment on April 6 empowering the government to nationalise farms without paying for the land.