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Synonyms for nationalisation

the action of forming or becoming a nation

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the action of rendering national in character

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changing something from private to state ownership or control

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It was socialism that saved this country from economic ruin by the nationalisation of the banks by Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and Mervyn King the Governor of The Bank of England.
Nationalisation is the remedy to our energy problems too.
A ministry statementsays 751,000 Saudi men and women had been employed due to the nationalisation plan - a figure that exceeded the ministry s aim.
Bank employees in India are to protest the nationalisation of the banking sector.
Eisa's commercial background and deep experience in building human capital through nationalisation will assist us to advance the human capital objectives outlined in the joint Strategic Plan for Financial Sector Regulation and the Qatar National Vision 2030.
Before we dive in and try to resolve the nationalisation challenges, it is important to understand where they stem from.
I was the last Labour front-bencher to get a nationalisation commitment into a Labour Manifesto.
L'Algerie celebre, aujourd'hui, le double anniversaire de la nationalisation des hydrocarbures et de la creation de l'UGTA.
7 ( ANI ): South African President Jacob Zuma has dismissed a push for nationalisation of the crucial mining industry to resolve the country's gaping inequalities.
The Minister of Mines and Energy has eased the nationalisation concerns of international investors attending a mining conference in Australia.
Whether outright nationalisation would improve matters is open to question.
IQPC's 6th Annual GCC Nationalisation Summit, supported by the Emirates National Development Programme and the British Council, will provide an interactive platform for HR professionals to learn about best-practices and how to implement them into their organisations.
Nationalisation plan THE Belgian government will nationalise all online poker this year, according to Belgian newspaper De Standaard.
However, a nationalisation of the troubled company is not a possibility, Wenzel told Austria's APA news agency.
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