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pool that provides a facility for swimming

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At this point, Roberts' VR Natatorium consists of a 20-minute narrated tour, available on the Steam digital distribution platform as well as at sites such as the Boise Public Library, he said.
Design requirements called for 25,500 SCFM (12,036 L/sec) of supply air to the Natatorium and the pool enclosure to be held at 82[degrees]F (29.4[degrees]C) Dry Bulb (DB) and 70.1[degrees]F (21.2[degrees]C) Wet Bulb (WB) with a 60% room RH and a pool water temperature of 82[degrees]F (27.7[degrees]C).
But their arrival at the natatorium this month may have been the most disruptive.
A year and a half ago, the pool inside the Durham Natatorium was filled in because the cost to keep up with repairs was too high.
The 24-year-old Cody arrives at the Indiana/Purdue University Natatorium in Indianapolis with the city buzzing about qualifying weekend for the Indy 500.
Piper and family from 1916 to 1936, The Natatorium was located in the southeast corner of Fifth Street and Wenatchee Avenue.
The 14-time Olympic gold medallist, who was suspended from swimming earlier this year, swam the two-lap final in 50.22 seconds at the Indiana University Natatorium.
The Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Natatorium and Ice Rink building was built in partnership with the city Economic Development Corporation.
The fitness area at the opposite end of the gallery includes a large natatorium with integrated fitness spa, sizable fitness room, class-room, sensual message area, and spacious locker rooms.
Consolidated has deployed Zhone's carrier-grade Wi-Fi to the Conroe ISD, Woodforest Bank Stadium and Natatorium in Houston.
There is also an impressive natatorium (left) where they can swim in the absence of men.
He goes to the local natatorium, where he befriends world-weary Glenn (Peter Stormare, funny), who tries to give him advice on what to do and how to treat girls.
Rogers Jr.'s 1,200-acre estate near Conscience Point featured large greenhouses attached to its natatorium building.
Traditional thrones consume a whopping 18 litres of fresh, clean drinking water with every trip to the loo, so water savings by comparison are closer to filling an Olympic-sized natatorium.
By the same thinking, we incorporated our ductwork within the columns and pillars, set strategically throughout the natatorium to combine relief and add color to the ceiling, enhancing the entire look and feel.