nasotracheal tube

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a tube inserted into the trachea through the nose and pharynx

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Foot length, an accurate predictor of nasotracheal tube length in neonates.
The exact cause for avulsion in our case is not known but excessive pressure while introducing the nasotracheal tube could be a reason.
The standard left-facing bevel nasotracheal tube was prepared with thermosoftening and lubrication before it was inserted into the nostril that was regarded as more patent according to the nasal endoscopic finding.
Methods devised toreduce nasotracheal complications include the use of lubricants (saline, water-soluble lignocaine gel), vasoconstrictor (oxymetazoline, cocaine, lignocaine-epinephrine/phenylephrine), lower size ETTs and warming nasotracheal tubes, although, some of these drugs may be associated with serious complications.
The FFB was then advanced under direct vision between the vocal cords into the trachea, followed by the insertion of the nasotracheal tube. The cuff on the tube was inflated immediately upon removal of the FFB.
Preventing pressure sores of the nasal ala after nasotracheal tube intubation: From animal model to clinical application.
Nasotracheal tube placement over the fibreoptic laryngoscope.
A nasotracheal tube is used in intra-oral, oropharyngeal or maxillo-facial procedures.
A 68-year-old woman presented to the Emergency Department with dysphonia and stridor that rapidly progressed to respiratory distress and necessitated insertion of a nasotracheal tube. Her symptoms had followed a 3-day prodrome of dyspnea, myalgia, and sore throat.
After adequate neuromuscular blockade, lubricated nasotracheal tube was inserted through the most patient's nostril until its tip lies in the pharynx.