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a vein located in the anterior medial part of the orbit

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Preoperative nasofrontal and nasolabial angles were at 150[degrees] and 72[degrees] as well as postoperative values at 140[degrees] and 96[degrees], respectively.
(1) Nasofrontal angle (G-N-Prn): the angle between the tangent lines on the nasal bridge and the glabella.
The stereotypical female nose has increased concavity at the dorsum and a wider nasofrontal angle with a slightly upturned nasal tip resulting in a more obtuse nasolabial angle.
If the nasofrontal duct becomes obstructed, obliteration of the sinus was an acceptable management option; however, with our current technical ability and instrumentation in sinus surgery, it may be preferable to attempt to open the tract endoscopically.
The nasofacial angle, nasomental angle, and nasofrontal angle, although reported in the dental literature, are not widely used.
Key Words: Powell's Triangle, Nasomental Angle, Nasofacial Angle and Nasofrontal Angle.
The nasofrontal angle (G-N-Prn; (Figure 4, colour plate III did not show any statistically significant sexual differences (males = 130.5 [+ or -] 7.7 degrees, females = 133 [+ or -] 5.4 degrees).
In the first branchial arch the neural crest cells migrate towards the mandible, followed by their migration to the maxilla and lastly to the nasofrontal region.
Como resultado de la caracterizacion morfologica, se observaron anomalias craneanas y dentarias, entre las que se destacan: 1) presencia de una osificacion en el techo del craneo (entre los frontales y parietales) no descripta previamente para la especie; 2) variaciones en la morfologia de las suturas craneanas (e.g., nasofrontal, frontoparietal, maxilopremaxilar); 3) el primer caso de molariformes supernumerarios, tanto en los maxilares como en los dentarios.
[sup][1] It is reasonable to state that the higher incidence of mucoceles in the frontal sinus is caused by variations in the nasofrontal duct.
On physical examination at 34 years old she had normal body measurements and thin sparse hair, scalp nodules, without hair over them, low nasal bridge, excess of nasofrontal soft tissue with dystopia canthorum, widely spaced teeth with oligodontia, cupped protruding ears with small tragus and antitragus, absent nipples, partial skin sindactilia of third and fourth fingers and second and third toes--with thin and hypoplastic nails--and camptodactyly of fifth fingers, dry skin, and scanty secondary sexual hair (Figure 1(b)).
Distance from nuchal crest to the junction of the left and right nasofrontal sutures on the median plane.
The skull has connected a large posterior nasofrontal horn boss and a smaller frontal horn boss, indicating an intermediate stage to the single frontal horn of Elasmotherium.
On MRI, nasal gliomas are nonenhancing lesions within the nose or anterior to the nasofrontal suture (actually extranasal) or nasal septum that are T1 isointense and slightly T2 hyperintense (secondary to gliosis), relative to brain parenchyma.