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being born or beginning


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Hypothesis 4b: Among nascent firms that plan to internationalize, the choice of highrisk entry modes is positively associated with entrepreneurs' educational level.
Nascent Form was already working with its local Business Link but, realising that it had to penetrate the Japanese market quickly, the company turned to Trade Partners UK to assist with its Japanese journey.
In the first French survey of the artist's work, curators Paul Herve Parsy and Laurent Gervereau present Join not only as the catalyst of the COBRA collective (1948-51), but also as an intellectual force for the nascent Situationists.
In this regard, Estabrook's point that "The contentious aspects of suburban development may have had less to do with nascent class antagonism than with collective identities and social divisions based on setting" (265) seemed to me to be bizarre.
They voted overwhelmingly in favor of the country's nascent democratic institutions.
As with all ConneXions events, the event will be open to current or potential intermodal industry clients, NASCENT consumers, NASCENT partners, and other industry professionals.
Objective: Following initiation of protein synthesis, the nascent polypeptide must journey through the exit tunnel of the ribosome.
THE Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) is looking into setting up regional offices in the Visayas and Mindanao as part of efforts to make the nascent agency accessible to complainants in the provinces.
The National Irrigation Administration and Nascent Technologies Corp.
Jennifer Wallace, the co founder and art director of nAscent Art New York, will be filming a new episode on their web series Art Seen, of which she's hosted over 50 episodes.
MycoTechnology and Nascent Health Sciences have reached an agreement to manufacture and sell MycoZyme processed stevia.
c] Jomaa assured on the occasion, that this tribute 1/2goes beyond his person, it is for all Tunisians, notably youths,[c] adding 1/2our country has made sure steps on the path of constructing a nascent democracy after ensuring the success of the legislative elections,[c] the news release points out.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 30, 2014-Jin-En Intl buys Nascent Biotech
ISLAMABAD -- Chief Election Commissioner Justice (r) Fakhruddin G Ibrahim Wednesday condemned terrorist attacks on candidates in various parts of the country and termed such incidents as attack on nascent democracy.
However, due to the scale disadvantages and limited resource slack emerging organizations typically face compared with their larger, more established counterparts, it is all but imperative that nascent entrepreneurs secure their resources at lower than market cost if they want to succeed in creating a viable organization (Hambrick & MacMillan, 1984).