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the act of nasalizing


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She observes that aspiration, nasalization and labialization are distinctive features of the phonology of East Niger group of dialects, East Central group of dialects and South Eastern group of dialects; labialization is distinctive in North Eastern group of dialects.
Nasalization does seem to be phonemic, but it is an area needing further research, and subsequently no separate series of nasal vowels along with an oral series is introduced here.
Several changes seem linked to a pronounced nasalization that occurs in spoken and written Sri Lankan Malay that must have also found its way into what we may term Sri Lankan Javanese.
Nasalization is expressed by < ~ > following the nasalized letter.
Nasalization occurs in the Southern Min dialects as well (ibid.
As said earlier, the only difference between plural oblique and plural vocative is that of nasalization.
Assessment of nasalization in the speech of deaf children.
featural affixes such as tones or nasalization, palatalization, etc.
2) Neogrammarians identified examples of nasalization living together with denasalizations, palatalizations closely related to depalatalizations and so forth, but curiously enough this caused no problem to its theoretical foundations.
Harmony, lowering and nasalization in Brazilian Portuguese.
Relationships between the perception of nasalization and speech movements in speakers with cleft palate.
1992d "Spontaneous nasalization in Afro-Hispanic language".
These require listening for subtle changes in vowel length, vowel nasalization, and final obstruent devoicing.
Nasalization is marked with the Americanist nasal hook.