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a quality of the voice that is produced by nasal resonators

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Although the results of a number of subjective studies that used auditory perception to measure nasality found that UPPP does not result in nasality changes, (3,4,7,8) one subjective study did find that transient hypernasality occurred in patients during the first 10 days after UPPP and that hypernasality that persisted for more than 6 weeks after surgery was associated with wound healing and was self-limiting.
Rhinoglottophilia: The mysterious connection between nasality and glottality.
It details the basic mechanisms needed for a normal voice, and how to tell if there is a problem; emotional, environmental, and physical antagonists to a natural voice; how to identify the source of problems; breathing; volume; pitch; finding focus; dealing with nasality; stage fright and related fears; using phones and other equipment; and finding professional help.
As it has been emphasized many times and has been proved by historical evidence, Quran has such a rhythm and clarity that invokes the feelings of every listener, even when he or she doesn't know Arabic, as the words' clarity, accent, nasality, end's space and stops attract every foreign listener even when he or she doesn't know the meaning of the words.
Her topics are glide and glide insertion, nasality viewed from the perspectives of the letters a and e, and interference from gliding and nasalization.
"Sara Robertovna," he says again, with a false nasality that makes my skin crawl; the patronymic synthesized from my father's first name, which sounds ridiculous anyway but which he insists on using "for the sake of cultural authenticity in the classroom," as he put it, today seems like an especially cruel joke.
When this passage begins, Lunch turns off the brashness, nasality, sarcasm, mania, and yelling to which the first half of the piece has accustomed us.
("I think rock 'n' roll is, you know, cars and girls are good subjects," is all Fagen would say about it.) Fagen name checks Al Gore in the funkadelic "The Weather in My Head," and adds some campy nasality to Isaac Hayes' "Out of the Ghetto," which has got to be the comedy track of the decade so far.
In the experiment, the listeners were asked to categorise the vowels samples they heard and rate the sample's prototypicality and nasality. The test was a forced choice test and the listeners could listen repeatedly to the sample they were rating.