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a quality of the voice that is produced by nasal resonators

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Even though speech nasality is not registered without the existence of phonation, nasalization is theproduct of the articulation of the velopharynx which opens and closes for production of oral and nasal sounds [13].
Quran words with their pitch and nasality and their rhythm brings about a specific eloquence, and therefore there is compatibility between the rhythms and the sound that God has chosen for the words are the best choice based on their superiority [3].
Four of Paraguay's languages evince the nasality, gutturalness, and difficulty which seem to obsess out author: Lengua-Machicuy, Machicuy, Mocoby (or Mocovi), and Payagua (or Apayagua) (107,108).
Prosodic Nasality in Bribri (Chibchan) and Universals of Nasality".
Fagen name checks Al Gore in the funkadelic "The Weather in My Head," and adds some campy nasality to Isaac Hayes' "Out of the Ghetto," which has got to be the comedy track of the decade so far.
In the experiment, the listeners were asked to categorise the vowels samples they heard and rate the sample's prototypicality and nasality.
10) Here the initial consonant of the preposition -ye'e is nasalized by progressive assimilation of nasality from the preceding consonant.
Cases not limited to English include a 12th-century anonymous Icelandic grammarian, who made use of diactrics to indicate distinctive vowel length and nasality, and Czech spelling-reformer Jan Hus, who distinguished diacritically between the acute and diffuse counterparts of compact palatal consonants (in Jakobson & Waugh, 1980: 31).
In fact, one of the best ways to teach about nasality in singing is to have the student sing in French, in which some vowels are deliberately nasal and other vowels are not.
Mind you, even here there were many and varied types and degrees of Englishness, revealed involuntarily in an occasional residual Brummie vowel or a hint of Scouse nasality.
Examination conducted after 6-12 months since the removal of the defect lip and palate showed that hoarseness and nasality remained in 62 (28.
Gotto love New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, nasality and crankiness included.
She had a slight nasality of speech and adhesive otitis media.