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the act of nasalizing


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It is possible the Chinese transcriber just did not hear the final nasalisation but this is strange since Ruey usually uses the term 'Hmong' (with final nasalisation) for these people.
She argues that adjustment of a certain phonetic dimension, such as VOT or nasalisation, to durational factors, such as speaking rate or differences in the number of syllables, suggests that the property is intended by the speaker and that the adjustment reflects an attempt to keep a constant perceptual distance across changes in durational factors.
Si le scribe n'a pas juge bon d'indiquer la nasalisation, c'est qu'elle allait de sol a partir du moment ou la syllabe etait lourde et ouverte: en d'autres termes, route syllabe ouverte lourde comporte des vibrations nasales, que sa voyelle soit une voyelle etymologiquement breve et nasalisee ou que sa voyelle soit une voyelle etymologiquement longue, etymologiquement non nasalisee, et nasalisee par la suite conformement a une tendance spontanee caracteristique des langues indo-aryennes(59)
This is further suggested by the behaviour of the morpheme sa "all", clearly realised with nasalisation when followed by a pause: cagem sa[t[?
In the right eye there was evidence of baring of nasal vessels, optic disc haemorrhage and a nerve fibre layer defect in the supero-temporal arcade, whilst in the left eye there was obvious nasalisation of vessels and a marked loss of the neuro-retinal rim particularly superiorly; there was also evidence of bilateral peripapillary atrophy.
Taverdet ('De quelques nasalisations surprenantes') sheds light on the origins of a number of French place-names that include a nasalized vowel in their first syllable, such as Onzain (Loir-et-Cher) and Buncey (Cote d'Or).