nasal meatus

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the passages in the nasal cavity formed by the projections of the nasal conchae

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The dorsal nasal meatus was a narrow passage between the roof of nasal cavity and dorsal turbinate (Fig.
The middle nasal meatus in kenguri sheep passed between dorsal and ventral nasal turbinates (Fig.
The ventral nasal meatus extended rostrally into vestibule, while caudally it received the ventral limb of the middle nasal meatus (Fig.
Methods: Between August 2011 and August 2014, the medical records of 53 adult patients with idiopathic epistaxis in the posterior fornix of the inferior nasal meatus diagnosed by nasal endoscopy were obtained from our department.
Conclusion: Endoscopic surgery is superior to conventional nasal packing for the management of epistaxis in the posterior fornix of the inferior nasal meatus.
KEY WORDS: Posterior fornix, Inferior nasal meatus, Epistaxis, Endoscopy, Electrocautery.
Suction examination is useful to confirm the diagnosis of nasal polyps and to detect hidden polyps in the nasal meatus and behind the turbinates.
In patients in whom it is curved medially to a greater extent than usual, the free margin of the uncinate process can protrude into and sometimes in some patients even out of the middle nasal meatus.