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an elongated rectangular bone that forms the bridge of the nose

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Therefore, various methods have been reported for supporting the reduced nasal bone without the standard packing.
In the external technique, perforations created on the nasal bone are connected with application of digital pressure.
In our tertiary hospital, patients with nasal bone trauma are principally admitted to the trauma and emergency department.
The subjects were referred for high risk for Down syndrome and scheduled for amniocentesis as a result of a risk assessment based on maternal age and/or the results of double test [NT, nasal bone hypoplasia, and beta human chorionic gonadotropin ([beta]hCG) and pregnancy-associated plasma protein A measurements between 11 and 1[3.
Fractured nasal bone and maxilla showed severe bleeding in a few numbers, 2 out of 15.
The injured man went to Limassol general hospital, where it was found that he had suffered a nasal bone fracture.
A CT scan had shown "massive" bleeding around his brain and nasal bone fractures.
Hope's nasal bone was badly fractured and part was removed, exposing the sinus cavities and nasal passage.
Mr Pallister added: "There was a fracture to the forehead, the eye socket, the upper jaw and a possible nasal bone fracture.
Background: Nasal bone fractures are the commonest type of the bony facial injuries seen in emergency department.
This dorsal nasal bone graft was introduced through inter-cartilaginous incision in the endonasal approach and marginal incision in the open approach.
The mandible is the second most commonly fractured facial bone in children, after nasal bone fractures.
9%) were suffered with Facial bone fractures, among the 44 facial bone fractures nasal bone fractures were commonest 21(47.