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(used with singular count nouns) colloquial for 'not a' or 'not one' or 'never a'

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The court procedure has taken a very long time and we still haven't gotten a solution yet,' Nary said.
Captain Nary was declared player of the match, Nepal News reports.
Vieira, Lauer pointed out, in replacing the extremely popular Katie Couric, received ecstatic reviews, and the show itself maintained its high ratings, with nary a downtick in response to the change.
Before a belated crackdown in 2002, the city of New York was an open parking lot for diplomats: Pleading immunity, they were free to pluck tickets from their windshields with nary a thought of paying up.
It can rain on days the sky starts out crystalline blue, with nary a cloud to behold.
It's practically raw, with just cement floors and dry wall, nary a piece of molding or a mantel to be found.
There was nary a moment of stillness as the performers (and video imagery) surged along, moving restlessly from one mode of Miller's choreography to the next.
Any one of the federal 'Liberal' pro-life and pro-'family' MPs could have stopped Martin's up n' coming same-sex bill dead in its tracks by crossing the same floor as career-successful Belinda Stronach did, who had nary a particular principle in mind (if anything).
With nary an accent, his characterization is precise for a young man whose family had moved from region to region within the US, and finally settled in Florida.
Otsu offers arty, whimsical shoes, bags, wallets, baby gear, accessories and more from local artists and crafts folk, and it's all worth every penny--I wear the heck out of my shoulder bags, and my banana-leaf-print Naugahyde purse has survived inclement weather, angry protests and plenty of over-stuffing (food, books, CDs) with nary a snag or loose seam.
The dead body, of course, says nary a word but launches a thousand conversations, spoken and not.
Stroll into Green Circle Environmental's recycling plant and there's nary a whiff of refuse lingering in the air.
A raucous extravaganza of fools, buffoons, and lunatics, with nary an "ordinary" person in sight?
Other than some rusty relics of the Pacific War, there is nary a weapon in sight, and nothing on the island gives the impression that this is the easternmost edge of teeming, cosmopolitan Japan.
We are obviously in a period of rightwing ascendancy where "liberal" means "left" and nary the term Marxist is uttered in polite society for fear of offending or worse.