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small Arctic whale the male having a long spiral ivory tusk

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***--These embrace the whales of middling magnitude, among which present may be numbered:--I., the Grampus; II., the Black Fish; III., the Narwhale; IV., the Killer; V., the Thrasher.
And the set pieces certainly err towards the bizarre, like the sight of the hapless protagonists blowing up a stranded narwhale, chunks of mammal blubber raining down on unsuspecting sunbathers.
This king sits on the deck of the Pequod on a "throne," or chair, made of the tusks of the narwhale. "How could one look at Ahab then, seated on that tripod of bones, without bethinking him of the royalty it symbolized.
An outstanding new Animals Illustrated series showcasing the Walrus, the Narwhale, and the Polar Bear from Inhabit Media is unreservedly recommended, especially for elementary school and community library Pets/Wildlife collections.
Look at that popular work "Goldsmith's Animated Nature." In the abridged London edition of 1807, there are plates of an alleged "whale" and a "narwhale." I do not wish to seem inelegant, but this unsightly whale looks much like an amputated sow; and, as for the narwhale, one glimpse at it is enough to amaze one, that in this nineteenth century such a hippogriff could be palmed for genuine upon any intelligent public of schoolboys.