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portico at the west end of an early Christian basilica or church

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a vestibule leading to the nave of a church

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The aim of present study was to determine the insecticidal effects (toxicity and growth inhibitory effects) of the essential oil of indigenous medicinal plants such as Melia azedarach, Linium usitatissium, Ferula narthex, Sasurrea costus, Viola odorata, and Achyranthus aspera against stored grain pest C.
The Spirea Veche Church, built before 1765, went through certain changes in the 19th century, in 1832, 1834, 1847, 1865 and 1883, when lateral apses were added to it, its veranda was closed, a bell tower was added, the proskomedia was increased, its windows were enlarged and the pillars between the nave and the narthex were removed.
Its breathtaking sanctuary has a narthex nearly the length of a football field.
Bebis explained all the parts of the church, from the narthex to the sanctuary.
He rebuilt and enlarged the old church, adding a new narthex (5) and choir (finished in 1144), and thus made it into an important religious and political symbol.
Nelson Bell (Billy Graham's father-in-law) asked me one Sunday as we stood at the narthex door after a worship service, 'What is your favorite text?
Fire from Prometheus, transported narthex, fire in the
com)-- First United Methodist Church of Colleyville will celebrate the completion of a $275,000 major sanctuary and narthex renovation on September 8, 2013 with special services and a church-wide barbeque.
Gently used or new clothing for boys and girls, sizes infant 3 months through youth XL (14-16), will be collected in bins in the church narthex and fellowship hall.
In 1999 all the vanners, some of whom still attend, were honoured with a bronze plaque in the narthex of Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa.
The nave was jam-packed with many worshippers standing in the verandah, also called narthex.
Local voluntary agencies are seeing an increase in demand for their services - for example, foodbanks such as the Narthex at St John's Church Sparkhill.
In addition to its 96-bell tribute, two floral displays, one in the FUMC sanctuary and one in its narthex this coming Sunday, are given to the Glory of God and in Thanksgiving for the life of Nancy Lee Muse Bass by Anne and Robert Bass and family.