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Synonyms for narrowness

the property of being narrow

an inclination to criticize opposing opinions or shocking behavior

a restriction of range or scope

a small margin

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For them he borrows from German criticism the name 'Philistines,' enemies of the chosen people, and he finds their prevailing traits to be intellectual and spiritual narrowness and a fatal and superficial satisfaction with mere activity and material prosperity.
Arnold felt strongly that a main obstacle to Culture was religious narrowness.
But such reaction was effective only because an age had come--the age of a negative, or agnostic philosophy--in which men's minds must needs be limited to the superficialities of things, with a kind of narrowness amounting to a positive gift.
The nose was lean, full-nostrilled, and delicate, and of a size to fit the face; while the high forehead, as if to atone for its narrowness, was splendidly domed and symmetrical.
At any rate, he had been on the very verge of proposing to Claire when the interruption had occurred, and in bed that night, reviewing the affair, he had been appalled at the narrowness of his escape from taking a definite step.
The duchess and the duke came out to the door of the room to receive him, and with them a grave ecclesiastic, one of those who rule noblemen's houses; one of those who, not being born magnates themselves, never know how to teach those who are how to behave as such; one of those who would have the greatness of great folk measured by their own narrowness of mind; one of those who, when they try to introduce economy into the household they rule, lead it into meanness.
He trembled a little at the narrowness of his escape.
Beebe had his doubts, but they would have been put down to clerical narrowness.
Innocently as the slight had been inflicted, it was somewhat unfortunate that she had encountered the sons and not the father, who, despite his narrowness, was far less starched and ironed than they, and had to the full the gift of charity.
She was disposed rather to accuse the intolerable narrowness and the purblind conscience of the society around her: and Celia was no longer the eternal cherub, but a thorn in her spirit, a pink-and-white nullifidian, worse than any discouraging presence in the "Pilgrim's Progress.
It ends, in spite of your confounded English narrowness and prejudice, in my being perfectly happy and comfortable.
and have always lived one; no matter in what narrowness of means, always a lady.
The standstill of the Gbarnga Street pavement has brought misunderstanding in Bong County, especially among car drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians, as accidents sometimes lead to fist fight due to the narrowness of the road.
Due to the narrowness of streets Fire Brigade faced difficulty in tackling the flames.
A combination of his weight and the narrowness of the stairs to the street below meant that the fire brigade had to be called in.