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Synonyms for narrowly



  • just
  • barely
  • only just
  • scarcely
  • by the narrowest of margins
  • by the skin of your teeth
  • by a whisker or hair's-breadth

Antonyms for narrowly

in a narrow manner

References in classic literature ?
One of them had so many keys of all kinds, that he made no question to open the place where the watchmaker had laid them; and so we made a kind of an appointment; but when I came to look narrowly into the thing, I found they proposed breaking open the house, and this, as a thing out of my way, I would not embark in, so they went without me.
I began now to be very wary, having so narrowly escaped a scouring, and having such an example before me; but I had a new tempter, who prompted me every day--I mean my governess; and now a prize presented, which as it came by her management, so she expected a good share of the booty.
For I have already told the reader how much I was pestered by these odious animals, upon my first arrival; and I afterwards failed very narrowly, three or four times, of falling into their clutches, when I happened to stray at any distance without my hanger.
The author embarks with the patriarch, narrowly escapes shipwreck near the isle of Socotora; enters the Arabian Gulf, and the Red Sea.
We will dress it by the highway side, and watch for the Bishop narrowly, lest he should ride some other way.
They were ever chatting, discussing, and calculating the various chances of a meeting, watching narrowly the vast surface of the ocean.
Gardiner, rendered suspicious by Elizabeth's warm commendation, narrowly observed them both.
No one seems to know or to care what my nationality is, and I am treated, on the contrary, with the civility which is the portion of every traveller who pays the bill without scanning the items too narrowly.
The cooking and decorating and arranging that went on those two days was amazing, and Felicity was so happy over it all that she did not even quarrel with Dan--though she narrowly escaped it when he told her that the Governor's wife was coming to the wedding.
He bade him lead the way, and, by the light of the torch which his conductor held up for the purpose, inspected all three cellars narrowly.
Observing these people narrowly, even when the iron hand of misfortune has shaken them from their unquestioning hold on the world, one sees little trace of religion, still less of a distinctively Christian creed.
It has been claimed Lukasz Stengierski, 28, drove too fast and narrowly avoided a collision with another vehicle.
A TRAIN driver has narrowly missed serious injury after a concrete boulder was thrown at the train he was driving near Doncaster.
KOHAT -- Old rivalry claimed the life of a youth here while his cousin narrowly escaped the firing in the limits of Lachi police station here Tuesday.
Police in Arizona have released shocking footage of the moment a four-year-old girl narrowly avoided being shot.