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Synonyms for narrowing

a decrease in width

the act of making something narrower

becoming gradually narrower

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(of circumstances) tending to constrict freedom

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References in classic literature ?
Still less was he obliged to turn to discover to whom it was addressed, for the few simple words I have quoted had been flung across the narrowing interval of water, and a gentleman who had stepped to the edge of the dock without our young man's observing him tossed back an immediate reply.
Kutuzov repeated, his laughing eye narrowing more and more as he looked at Pierre.
After the first disclosure about the bill of sale, he had made many efforts to draw her into sympathy with him about possible measures for narrowing their expenses, and with the threatening approach of Christmas his propositions grew more and more definite.
Now bending double, now stamping furiously upon the ground, now leaping into the air, he danced step by step in the narrowing circle that would presently bring him within spear reach of the intended feast.
queried Norman of Torn, his eyes narrowing to mere slits and face hardening.
Perhaps it was with the hope of narrowing it that she yielded to his persuasions to go to night school and business college and to have herself gowned by a wonderful dressmaker who charged outrageous prices.
The eyes were bestial, yellow-green, the pupils dilating and narrowing with sharp swiftness as they sought about among the lights and glooms of the room.
Seeing no harm in her he drew closer, in narrowing circles, cocking his eyes at her impudently as he slid past.
My thoughts of her and of others were the forbearing thoughts of a man whose mind was withdrawn already from the world, whose views were narrowing fast to the one idea of his own death.
When occasionally a long reach of this avenue could be beheld, it presented a curious scene of uniformity: the white line of logs, narrowing in perspective, became hidden by the gloomy forest, or terminated in a zigzag which ascended some steep hill.
He passed again and again amid whirring blades and sweet odours of grass, encompassing with narrowing circles the sacred centre of the field.
At first the creek kept narrowing as I had looked to see; but presently to my surprise it began to widen out again.
Under all this grim melancholy and narrowing concentration of desire, Mr.
You may see the patient's blood pressure and you may see that pulse pressure narrowing before you start to see any other symptoms that your patient is developing shock.
The gap in life expectancies for black and white Americans is slowly narrowing, according to a study in the March 21 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.