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having a narrow mouth

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Pitcher plants have highly specialized leaves adapted to attract, capture, retain, and digest insect prey, though the kind utilized by narrow-mouthed frogs seems to acquire most of its nutrients from decomposing organic matter.
Duong then used a small chunk of clay and some water from his bucket to form a handle and attach it to the large, narrow-mouthed piece.
The congenital type is typically small and narrow-mouthed while the acquired type is larger and wide-mouthed.
Llanrhidian Marsh on Gower is one of only two sites in Wales where the narrow-mouthed whorl snail is found, but it is at risk of tidal flooding.
Quick, then a newcomer to the CDC, and his fellow disease investigators observed that people who used water-storage vessels with wide mouths were more likely to get diarrhea than neighbors using narrow-mouthed containers were.
To say: I live on the Street of Narrow-mouthed Toads.
Two prized inhabitants are gavials, narrow-mouthed crocodiles presented to the zoo by the King of Nepal.
Stand a handful of fresh chive spears upright in a narrow-mouthed container; place scissors alongside for snipping.
This is somewhat like pulling on the rim of a narrow-mouthed clay pot to widen the pot's mouth and overdoing it in the process.