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Synonyms for narrow-mindedness

an inclination to criticize opposing opinions or shocking behavior

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Mark Twain wrote in The Innocents Abroad, "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.
The NIC was constituted to combat the evils of communalism, casteism, regionalism, linguism and narrow-mindedness as a follow up of National Intergration Conference under the then Prime Minister Pt.
adding that "the tragedy is that those who put us in the circle of extremism and narrow-mindedness, are Muslims whose behavior may not match our ideas.
The Bloc categorically rejected the so-called Orthodox Gathering electoral proposal, saying such a law anchors extremism and narrow-mindedness and transforms Lebanon into a land dominated by sectarian conflicts, instead of being the symbol of moderation and message of national coexistence in the Arab nation and the world.
illustrates how rational and intelligent people lose their ability to understand and appreciate each other when their attitudes and emotions become involved, showing that emotions and their effects on thinking and judgment processes breed narrow-mindedness, prejudice, and polarization in American society.
The process will be all the more arduous, for sectarian narrow-mindedness as well as pompous self-will will have to be shed.
I do not condone the stupidity and narrow-mindedness of the film's maker, but how can we point fingers at the hate in his soul if our first reaction is one of mindless violence?
She said nothing about narrow-mindedness or lack of sunglasses.
With so many people across Stockton borough contributing to an inclusive community, for such narrow-mindedness to linger on is simply indefensible.
But he said there was a "strong ethical dimension" to the best comedy which actively challenges prejudices rather than reinforcing them, laughing at hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness.
Set in post WW1 Canada, Haworth-Attard weaves an authentic world where the supernatural, superstition and narrow-mindedness meet a new age of electricity, the telephone and automobiles.
The bombings in Iraq and Egypt are a warning for Lebanon's Christians and more importantly, their leaders: put aside greed, narrow-mindedness and racism, and work on ensuring that members of the community become fully-fledged citizens who require no special protection inside the country, or assistance from abroad.
The regime will be the only loser from it because it has displayed narrow-mindedness that can be justified only with the fact that the (presidential) palace is empty," Noureddin said.
This selective and passive reception did not develop from narrow-mindedness, however, but was due to Catholic theological presuppositions irreconcilable with Protestant thought (especially regarding the hierarchy and the sacraments).
While intolerance is rapidly growing in some European countries - witness the recent referendum in Switzerland to ban the construction of minarets - we reject that kind of narrow-mindedness and the fear it bespeaks.