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Synonyms for narrow-mindedness

an inclination to criticize opposing opinions or shocking behavior

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In his work as a journalist, Botev became well-known with his sharp and unforgiving wit and scathing criticism not only of Ottoman rule, but also of public vices prevalent amongst Bulgarians at the time, such as selfishness, cowardice, and narrow-mindedness.
The narrow-mindedness of some of the Pentagon's generals and their obsession with Cold War stereotypes, just as their failure to see the real threats to security should not surprise anyone.
May the Church be heard as a voice of sanity and humaneness in the world as many leaders of nations take the dreadful path of intolerance and narrow-mindedness.
Like Serling's work on The Twilight Zone , Barris' work focuses on social flaws like prejudice, greed, cowardice, abuse of power and narrow-mindedness," said Diane Gayeski, dean of Ithaca's Roy H.
He plumbs the true depths of his own individuality, learning how he fits into the narrow-mindedness of The Street.
He also opined that distances from history, languages and culture develop narrow-mindedness in the society.
The Saudi society has to come to terms with the social narrow-mindedness of girls marrying to non-Saudis because this is a primitive thinking and is still pervading the Kingdom and harming the fabric of our society.
David Atkinson: "The same people moaning now are the ones who will be moaning for redevelopment in 10 years when their narrow-mindedness stops investment and they are left with a shell.
If the Lebanese continue to meet this goodwill with the usual apathy, narrow-mindedness and superficiality then these countries will have no choice but to lose interest, and leave Lebanon to face its uncertain, possibly bleak future alone.
But this inclusiveness is under threat from gentrification, which brings narrow-mindedness in its wake--fashion designer Lyall Hakaraia draws hostile curiosity anywhere outside Dalston.
Movingly frank, current after more than 60 years, it dissuades me from my naive dream that prejudice has vanished, that narrow-mindedness is uncommon, that a horrid past can be excised from our memory.
If you haven't been given the opportunity then that is just narrow-mindedness and being too busy listening to other people's opinions rather than making your own.
As far as your family goes, yes, it's disappointing, but it's their problem, their fear and their narrow-mindedness.
The small-town setting is ever exemplified by the narrow-mindedness of its inhabitants.
Moreover, the West Midlands, with a population slightly larger than Scotland, could do likewise if it were not for the narrow-mindedness and tribal navel-gazing of our so-called civic leaders.