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Synonyms for narrow

Synonyms for narrow

affording little room for movement

not broad or elevated in scope or understanding

having the restricted outlook often characteristic of geographic isolation

to make smaller or narrower

Synonyms for narrow

a narrow strait connecting two bodies of water

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make or become more narrow or restricted

become more focus on an area of activity or field of study

become tight or as if tight

not wide

limited in size or scope

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lacking tolerance or flexibility or breadth of view

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very limited in degree


characterized by painstaking care and detailed examination


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References in classic literature ?
A single shriek such as they had heard the night before would have been sufficient to have sent them all racing madly for the narrow cleft that led through the great walls to the outer world.
Ninaka's eyes narrowed. "They are safe," he answered.
Even as my mind framed the thought, Woola halted suddenly before a narrow, arched doorway in the cliff by the trail's side.
We went to the great Bazaar in Stamboul, of course, and I shall not describe it further than to say it is a monstrous hive of little shops-- thousands, I should say--all under one roof, and cut up into innumerable little blocks by narrow streets which are arched overhead.
I clambered up the narrow cleft in the rock and came out upon the sulphur on the westward side of the village of the Beast Men.
That gap was altogether fortunate for me, for the narrow chimney, slanting obliquely upward, must have impeded the nearer pursuers.
An-echantillon--a--a sample often serves to give an idea of the whole; besides, narrow and wide are words comparative, are they not?
"Yes--a mole, which lives underground would seem narrow even to me."
Here, all was almost total darkness until his eyes became accustomed to the interior, the darkness of which was slightly alleviated by the reflected light from a distant street flare which shone intermittently through the narrow windows fronting the thoroughfare.
Here is a door," and a moment later we were in a tiny antechamber at the foot of a narrow stone staircase.
Swinging myself outward, I began the descent, and had come to within a few feet of the ground, being just opposite a narrow window, when I was startled by a savage growl almost in my ear, and then a great taloned paw darted from the aperture to seize me, and I saw the snarling face of a lion within the embrasure.
At this distance, a narrow but well- defined brilliantly white line was alone visible, where the waves first encountered the wall of coral.
The valley soon began to narrow, and the sides to grow lofty and more precipitous.
The Assistant Commissioner walked along a short and narrow street like a wet, muddy trench, then crossing a very broad thoroughfare entered a public edifice, and sought speech with a young private secretary (unpaid) of a great personage.
A BULL was striving with all his might to squeeze himself through a narrow passage which led to his stall.