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  • verb

Synonyms for narrate

Synonyms for narrate

to give a verbal account of

Synonyms for narrate

provide commentary for a film, for example

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narrate or give a detailed account of

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Air Commodore Manbir Singh narrates the role of the Indian Air Force in neutralizing the Pakistan Air Force in the eastern sector.
Fraser is the least sentimental of writers (her prose tends to the pointed and analytic), yet here she narrates in personal terms the centrality of his thought to her practice.
Let me consider the range of transgressions of the limits to what a narrating-I would be able to narrate.
Krishna, Master of All Mystics (Greene, 1981) and Agha the Terrible Demon (Wilson, 1977) narrate exploits from the childhood of Krishna when he was a cowherd in Vrindavan.
By using this character to narrate the stories (usually to his friends, at night, to the accompaniment of drinks and cigars), Conrad is able to develop the impersonal, oblique method of story-telling employed by Henry James.
Sheen will narrate the homage to classic 80s fantasy films like Labyrinth, The Goonies, The Dark Crystal and Gremlins.
That's right--I, Karin Perry, proudly proclaim that I love to listen to Kirby Heyborne narrate books.
Muslim preacher Amro Khaled declined his nomination to narrate the upcoming Egyptian film about the life of the holy Virgin Mary.
South Indian star Pawan Kalyan will narrate the Telugu and Malayalam versions, while other well known actors will narrate the English and Hindi versions, the filmmakers said.
Ryan Sparkes and the Full Cast family narrate, accompanied by original music.
He says he's thrilled to narrate the special because AMERICAN FORESTS' Famous & Historic Trees program "gets people interested in history," Whitmore says.
Stubbs are soon murdered, and when the orphans are killed the young preacher loses his faith and even his ability to narrate.
Knickerbocker, Diedrich Persona invented by Washington Irving to narrate the burlesque History of New York, A.
Washington, Feb 11 (ANI): Hollywood actor Johnny Depp is all set to narrate an upcoming documentary about the famous band 'The Doors'.
Here Chris McGlasson and others narrate works that represent some of the finest of women authors of the 19th and early 20th centuries.