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an oriental tobacco pipe with a long flexible tube connected to a container where the smoke is cooled by passing through water

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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocacrbons, carbon monoxide, "tar," and nicotine in the mainstream smoke aerosol of the narghile water pipe.
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, "tar", and nicotine in the mainstream smoke aerosol of the narghile water pipe.
Acute toxicant exposure and cardiac autonomic dysfunction from smoking a single narghile waterpipe with tobacco and with a 'healthy' tobacco-free alternative.
The pipes, also known as hubble bubble and narghile, are packed with fruity, sweetsmelling tobacco.
Charcoal emissions as a source of co and carcinogenic pah in mainstream narghile waterpipe smoke.
Also known as a narghile or a hookah, the water pipe is fast becoming fashionable in some circles, and most aficionados will insist that it is safer than cigarette smoking.
Factors related to frequency of narghile (waterpipe) use: the first insights on tobacco dependence in narghile users.
Comparison of carcinogen, carbon monoxide, and ultrafine particle emissions from narghile waterpipe and cigarette smoking: Sidestream smoke measurements and assessment of second-hand smoke emission factors.
After a long day's work, she would sit beside her family's large pool, smoking her narghile.
Controlling Use of Narghile Smoking: Testing the Impact of an RCT of a School-Based Prevention Program"; Dr.
Some call it a hookah, hooka, shesha, huka, nargile, narghile, shisha, shesha, sheesha, nargila, or shishah.
An independent examination revealed that the three friends from their high school days--one a student, another a policeman and the third a bank employee--had gone out to smoke a narghile together and to prepare a late lunch for themselves and some friends in a hut in the shade of a field, about 1.
Audience members sat, ate and smoked narghile as they watched the performances.
HOOKAH (WATER PIPE, NARGHILE, SHISHA): Their use is a prevalent, culturally-accepted practice in the Middle East.
Friday was also the day my artist friends gathered in a dirty, open-air, turquoise-colored teahouse where, for 1,500 dinar (about 75 cents), you can purchase a glass of bitter lemon tea, rent a narghile (water pipe), and sit for hours.