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Australian clover fern

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Exploring the Nardoo is a simulation intended for Australian fifth-graders, but I have used it successfully with college students.
Jonassen, 1996; Rieber, 1994; Alessi & Trollip, 1995) and the numerous successful examples on hard disk and CD-Rom, such as Exploring the Nardoo (Harper, Hedberg, & Wright, 1996), The Geometer's Sketchpad (1995), Sim City (Wright, 1989) and SemNet (Fisher, 1992).
It was found that with the specific guidance in simulations such as "Exploring the Nardoo," students perform better.
Site information for profile sampling sites T, tussock, M, moss; H, herb; G, grass; S, sedge; K, kanuka; F, fern Soil Landform Slope Aspect series element ([degrees]) ([degrees]) A Glendhu Interfluve 7 270 B Glendhu Upper 12 250 midslope C Pioneer Toeslope 5 250 E Nardoo Midslope 35 35 G Mahinerangi Upper 18 10 midslope I Glendhu Headwall 14 315 midslope Vegetation (% cover) T M H G S K F A 35 25 20 20 B 50 25 15 C 30 35 5 5 15 E 30 5 10 20 30 7 G 45 30 10 10 5 I 30 30 20 15 5
The sporocarp of the water fern, also known in Australian English as 'nardoo', was partly blamed for the death of Burke and Wills, who perished in 1861 after living on it almost exclusively (Smyth 1878:216-17).
Hoover); "Simulations in the Learning Cycle: A Case Study Involving Exploring the Nardoo" (William M.
"Simulations in the Learning Cycle: A Case Study Involving 'Exploring the Nardoo'" (William M.
What type of plant is a nardoo? Which band released 1979 album, entitled Vincent van Gogh (See Question 6) The Great Rock and Roll Swindle?