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under the influence of narcotics

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When Richard III plots to kill his wife, Anne, so he can make himself available to marry Queen Elizabeth's daughter--his own niece--and thereby unite the kingdom (the same plan that Richmond will execute on his way to becoming Henry VII), he announces his plans with Anne standing beside him, apparently narcotized.
Marsh argues that the Catholic Church needs to regain the prophetic voice it lost in the 1960s as it became mainstream, for resistance remains especially important in the center of the empire, where "the temptation to be bought off, distracted, or narcotized is pretty high" (p.
Sandflies captured in light traps were narcotized with cigarette smoke, and those caught on sticky papers were removed with needles or fine brushes dipped in 70% ethanol.
Specimens were collected and narcotized using a 1 mol [1.
All earthworms were narcotized using 45 % ethanol and then fixed in 4 % formaldehyde and preserved in 70 % ethanol.
There we will find those who are exploited in the name of money, an exploitation that leads to separated families, broken homes, narcotized youth and cynical adults.
Security team could only proceed after they narcotized the dogs.
He was sleeping when I arrived, narcotized against the pain.
ram's horn flutes, bone trumpets, skin drums like cacophony drowning angry santa ana's whistling persistence, marchers, feathered finery like narcotized, lurid, induced dreams spangle across arid, dun-colored stage.
It's as dated as the "urban catastrophe" that struck London in Daniel Defoe's A Journal of the Plague Year, essential as James Agee's great challenge to strictly observational journalism, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, pedestrian as Betty MacDonald's humble memoir-as-mundane-detail work Anybody Can Do Anything, and titillating as Stanley Booth's narcotized The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones.
Just look at them, for God's sake-violent on the streets, comatose in the malls, narcotized in front of the TV.
Particularly harsh words came from one of the company's longtime actors, Will LeBow, who accused Paulus of exploitation, not reinvention of Shakespeare, and of fostering "an anodyne state in the theatre--pain controlled, and intellectually narcotized.
For decades many Egyptians have been like Mahfouz's stoned anti-hero Anis and the other narcotized bourgeoisie of the houseboat - dispirited by yawning inequality, intimidated into silence or acquiescence by their unaccountable and violent rulers in Cairo, and only rarely venturing out into the streets.
She descended into a grotesque narcotized hell of isolation and corrupted brilliance, living a cramped and claustrophobic life.
The texts may tremble us out of our narcotized consumerism into a practice of hope and obedience.