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unconsciousness induced by narcotics or anesthesia

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The mysterious yet reliable Podarick then delves into the depths of DBS (guaranteed narcosis free).
La narcosis con gas es un metodo empleado en plantas de sacrificio de alto flujo (150 cerdos/h) (WSPA, 2010).
For an analysis of community in Kant's Critique of Judgment see Vivasvan Soni, "Communal Narcosis and Sublime Withdrawal: the Problem of Community in Kant's Critique of Judgment," Cultural Critique 64 (2006): 1-39.
2] narcosis and may occur in the absence of hypoxia (oxygen saturation less than 90 per cent).
Full narcosis is considered the only adequate means of relieving the pain of circumcision, "so we have set an age limit of one year," Dr 0ystein Drivenes at St Olavs Hospital told Dagsavisen.
The Lebanon Water Festival partnered with scuba diving club Narcosis Diving Facilities, which provided boats, support divers and coordination support.
Se esta realizando una transformacion de la violencia acompanada por una penetracion de esta en diversos espacios de convivencia en America Latina; los estratos sociales han cambiado su actitud frente a la violencia, ya que antes dominaba una postura de levantamiento y un discurso motivado por la justicia social, mientras que en la actualidad predomina una reaccion de pasividad y de narcosis traumatizada.
The piece also discusses how on one dive, Tanya may have suffered from nitrogen narcosis, a condition that induces disorientation and potential loss of consciousness from the effects of breathing nitrogen under pressure.
Note that in this context, easy equates to painless because South Korea utilizes computer-based anesthetics and full narcosis implants during a procedure.
At the abyss of sleep, he knew that he had explored as much within himself as in the outwardness of things, and for a while he fought the delay of nature's narcosis, but he told himself that it was only an accidental illness that was slowing the insights bestowed upon him by a Providence modest enough to share its glories.
A good adaptation will allow divers to remain under water, preserve their health, and overcome the progressive reduction of performance, the onset of narcosis and the increase in emotional arousal (Anegg et al.
The KUBARK manual includes the principal coercive techniques of interrogation: Arrest, detention, deprivation of sensory stimuli through solitary confinement or similar methods, threats and fear, debility, pain, heightened suggestibility and hypnosis, narcosis and induced regression.
Hamphary Davy used it for narcosis in 1800, so was called father of anaesthesia.
At that depth water pressure reaches 35 kilos per square centimetre amid risks such as nitrogen narcosis and high pressure neurological syndrome (HPNS), which killed former world record holder American Sheck Exley.