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a white crystalline strong-smelling hydrocarbon made from coal tar or petroleum and used in organic synthesis and as a fumigant in mothballs

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Oil obtained as a liquid product from the liquefaction process of oil shale under catalytic conditions of experiment 22 consisted mainly of naphthalene and its derivatives and polycyclic hydrocarbon such as indene and its derivatives.
Browse 23 market data Tables and 60 Figures spread through 124 Pages and an in-depth TOC on "India Naphthalene & PCE Based Admixtures Market"
The soil, groundwater and two lagoons were contaminated with dioxin, benzene, naphthalene, PCBs and volatile organic compounds.
This material was produced simply by burning naphthalene, the active ingredient in mothballs," Mohammad Choucair from the University of Sydney, who co-led the research, wrote in an article published in (https://theconversation.
Dichloromethane extracts of all afore mentioned carbonaceous raw materials contained traces of cyclic hydrocarbons, benzene and its derivatives, naphthalene and its methyl-, dimethyl- and trimethyl derivatives, phenanthrene, anthracene and their derivatives, and long chain aliphatic unbranched and branched hydrocarbons.
In present study the hydrocarbon degrading bacterial strains were isolated from petrol contaminated soil of Karachi and the isolated bacterial strains were identified and checked for their biodegradation capabilities for aromatic hydrocarbons (xylene, phenanthrene, naphthalene, biphenyl and anthracene) which are deleterious for both biotic and abiotic flora by means of enumeration using spread plate method.
Homogenizing calcium phosphate powder with appropriately sized naphthalene particles results in macroporous material after the naphthalene has been removed.
Her work includes a series of cast naphthalene objects encapsulated in resin such as keys and books.
Other exports include fish, naphthalene, cigarettes, fruits, soap and animal hides.
The research by scientists at the Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute and Department of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai will be done in laboratory mice and will focus on three - naphthalene, butadiene and isoprene - that often are associated with polluted air.
A city councilor has filed a measure that penalizes the sale of naphthalene balls in Quezon City.
MANILA -- An environmentalist and health group called on the government Friday to review its regulations regarding naphthalene mothballs after a European country ordered the recall of the product.
Continuing a series of references for occupational health professionals, six studies establish the MAK, German for maximum admissible concentration, levels for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (2008 and 1984), benzo[a]anthracene, benzo[a]pyrene, cyclopenta[cd]pyrene, and naphthalene (2001).
Demonstrate that the naphthalene sublimation technique (Mendes 1991) is capable of quantifying mass transfer to indoor surfaces by comparison of experiments with natural convection theory