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gasoline jelled with aluminum soaps

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"The Turkish Air Force is not using napalm, chemical, biological or any similar weapons, banned by international laws, in the Operation Olive Branch.
I totally understand that a lot people looking into Napalm from the outside really love everything about Harmony Corruption and don't have a problem with the sound.
134) amassed in the United States, in part over the use of napalm in Southeast Asia, Associated Press photographer Nick Ut captured the grotesque horror associated with this indiscriminate weapon.
Bands King Leviathan, Ethereal and Derision will be among those playing at the new event after acts signed up by Napalm Promotions refused to take part in the original event.
Sophie Lancaster's mum Sylvia Lancaster OBE, from Bacup, says she has since received an apology from Napalm Promotions and thanked the Metal community for their help putting on a new event.
Napalm became a household name during the Vietnam War, when US troops used explosives with the chemical agent during air raids.
He is a fan of Metallica, Lamb of God, Led Zeppelin and Napalm Death, a grind-core band known for their utilitarian, liberal political views.
Neer describes napalm as the hero "soldier" that significantly contributed to the defeat of Germany and Japan in World War II.
THE frontman of grindcore band Napalm Death has urged the Indonesian President to save the life of a Redcar gran.
Napalm Death may very well be the Platonic ideal of a hard-core band, turning up the volume, the distortion and the adrenaline to ridiculous levels with each song, creating an unstoppable meteor of sound.
Robert Neer, an attorney and core lecturer in the History Department at Columbia University, has written a splendid and important book on the history--one could say the rise and fall--of the incendiary weapon, napalm. The author's specialization in twentieth and twenty-first century US military power is evident in his writing of this extremely well researched and balanced work.
At the age of nine, she was caught in a napalm attack near her home in Trang Bang, in southeast Vietnam.
Tel: 029 2087 8444 Tender Napalm Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, 8pm Tickets: PS8-PS12 Company of Sirens present this Philip Ridley drama about a man and woman who reach a crucial point in their relationship.
It's the Welsh premiere of two of the most acclaimed British plays of the last two years - Tender Napalm and Mercury Fur.
I close my eyes and see the girl running from her village, napalm stuck to her dress like jelly, her hands reaching for the no one who waits in waves of heat before her.