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a unit of potential equal to one billionth of a volt

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Low amplitude fluctuations of hundreds of nanovolts are shown in Figure 1(b).
Avdeeva DK, Rybalka SA, Yuzhakov MM (2012) Nanovolt and microvolt levels wideband signal method development for electrophysiological research.
The amount of Johnson noise is directly proportional to the square root of bandwidth, and a very small signal bandwidth is the key to the operation of lock-in amplifiers that routinely measure nanovolt signals.
In comparisons between similar array-based standards, differences in the nanovolt range were recorded.
Most digital voltmeters lack sufficient sensitivity to ensure accurate measurements at these levels, so you may need an instrument that can measure to the nanovolt level.
The result is an instrument with nanovolt sensitivity and low-noise capability that allows the user to obtain precise data at real-world speeds.