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a fullerene molecule having a cylindrical or toroidal shape

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In addition to being excellent blackbody absorbers, carbon nanotube sheets are a fast source of Joule heating [Kwon 2004] and can be utilized to heat the solar collectors when sunlight is not sufficient.
where [E.sub.Doped GaNNT] is the total energy of doped GaN nanotube in the supercell, [E.sub.Pristine] is the total energy of pristine GaN nanotube, [E.sub.Mn] is the total energy of free manganese atom, and x and N are the number of manganese atoms and the total number of atoms in the supercell, respectively.
Changes in resonance frequency and amplitude for several flexural modes of cantilever vibration provide information about the nanotube's response to compressive load (i.e., buckling and slip-stick motion), tip-surface interactions that may be present, and a more straightforward means for quantifying the CNT's mechanical properties [31-35].
If you can introduce those groups onto the surface of the nanotube, then you achieve two things: First of all, those chemical groups help the nanotubes disperse and then prevent the nanotubes from coming back together so it helps enhance and maintain a stable dispersion.
The product is an industry-first, which indicates how far along more tailored applications--like carbon nanotube wires or carbon nanotube solar cells remain.
While carbon nanotube technology (CNT) has created vast interest for application starting from semiconductors to medical, one stream that is of high focus for research at TE Connectivity is high-performance electrical cables.
He further mentioned that a coat of lithium metal foiled with a multiwalled carbon nanotube film does the job.
Rice materials scientist Rouzbeh Shahsavari and his team used molecular models to demonstrate their theory that weak van der Waals forces between the inner surface of the nanotube and the water molecules are strong enough to snap the oxygen and hydrogen atoms into place.
In this work, we report a kind of artificial skin of carbon nanotube lines/silicone polymer.
Penchev et al., "Three dimensional few layer graphene and carbon nanotube foam architectures for high fidelity supercapacitors," Nano Energy, vol.
Two technologies resulted in the development of carbon nanotube sheets with high thermal conductivity, compared to that of conventional materials, at a rate of 80 watts per meter-kelvin (W/mK), even when including contact resistance.
Electrical properties of single-wall carbon nanotube and epoxy composites.
A carbon nanotube is a tube-shaped material with a diameter about 10,000 times smaller than a human hair.