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the branch of engineering that deals with things smaller than 100 nanometers (especially with the manipulation of individual molecules)

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The INIC head maintained that with proper support, the Council could increase the worth of its nanotechnology enhanced products to $1 billion by 2025.
In fact, the National Science Foundation estimates that 6 million nanotechnology workers will be needed by 2020, in addition to 2.5 million support personnel.
Key Words: Nanotechnology, Nano particles, Nano Implants, Biomarkers, Dentistry, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Optical interferometry.
In light of the developments worldwide hailing nanotechnology as a technology with the potential of addressing a number of developing country needs, Malaysia has sought to promote nanotechnology applications in sectors that are likely to have a wide impact, and influence the course of future development in the country.
Applications of nanotechnology in medicine and healthcare
In this article I examine the current regulatory regime and propose a number of policies that could facilitate commercialization of nanotechnology products.
Nanotechnology is a combination of atomic or molecular scale techniques that can establish devices or systems in the nanometer range.
The issue of what to communicate to consumers about the inclusion of nanotechnology in products is complicated.
Cobb and Macoubrie (2004: 397-8) note that close to 80 per cent of Americans they surveyed knew 'nothing' or 'little' about nanotechnology. They went on to report that (for the entire sample) 38 per cent thought risks and benefits associated with nanotechnology would be about equal, and 40 per cent thought that nanotechnology benefits would outweigh risks, while only 22 per cent thought risks would outweigh benefits.
While most familiar in microchips, nanotechnology is making its way into countless everyday products--from vaccines and computers to automobile tires.
Internationally, it was reported that between 1997 and 2005, investment in nanotech research and development by governments around the world, rose from $432 million to about $4.1 billion, and that by 2015, products incorporating nanotechnology would contribute approximately $1 trillion to the global economy (Roco, 2006).
The promising field of nanotechnology has created substantive advances within the paint and coatings industry.
Faunce (Australian National U.) shares his personal opinion on what should be nanotechnology's pre-eminent role in sustaining the world, an opinion he developed while experimenting with neutron scattering and taking part in discussions on artificial photosynthesis at various physics and chemistry conferences.
Mumbai, India, June 15, 2012 --( Nanotechnology refers the applied part of nano-science including the engineering to control, manipulate and structure the matter at an unimaginably small scale.