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the branch of engineering that deals with things smaller than 100 nanometers (especially with the manipulation of individual molecules)

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Capable of both water and aqueous chemical cleaning applications, the NanoJet inline system also offers easy accessibility and simple maintenance to keep up with PNC's ever increasing needs while never sacrificing on the quality of the job being done.
It becomes possible to elongate the nanojet abnormally.
FABRICATION Nanofabrication and nanolithography (176 references) Keywords: atomic force microscopy (AFM), anodization, bombardment, deep UV, deposition, doping, electrochemical, electron beam, etching, implantation, imprint stamp, lithography, mask, molecular beam, molecular deposition, nanoimprint, nanojet, nanopipetted, nanotube, nanoplotter, nanostructuralization, passivation, resist, scanning probe, self-assembly, stamp, template, transistor, wet-chemical etching, x-ray Nanoimprinting (2 references) Keywords: bilayer, polymer Self-assembly (30 references) Keywords: DNA, molecular-scale electronics, nanobiotechnology, nano-object, nanostructure, pores, quantum dot, self-organized, silicon III.
Next to come in the nanojet investigations are water, molten metals, silicon, and polymers, and liquid biomolecules.
A revolutionary NanoJet process for its liquid crystal cell assembly has been developed by KopinA Corporation.
Lin, SL, "Effects of Temperature and Velocity of Droplet Ejection Process of Simulated Nanojets onto a Moving Plate's Surface.
Finite-difference time-domain analysis of photonic nanojets from liquid- crystal-containing microcylinder.