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the branch of engineering that deals with things smaller than 100 nanometers (especially with the manipulation of individual molecules)

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For each of the 4 injections, 0.5-1 [micro]l of 10% (w/v) BDA were injected using a nanojet device (World Precision Instruments) at a depth of 1 mm.
However, the focusing properties of a photonic nanojet are affected by other factors that Mie theory does not take into account.
The NanoJet is designed to fit through a 2" tri-clover connection.
FABRICATION Nanofabrication and nanolithography (176 references) Keywords: atomic force microscopy (AFM), anodization, bombardment, deep UV, deposition, doping, electrochemical, electron beam, etching, implantation, imprint stamp, lithography, mask, molecular beam, molecular deposition, nanoimprint, nanojet, nanopipetted, nanotube, nanoplotter, nanostructuralization, passivation, resist, scanning probe, self-assembly, stamp, template, transistor, wet-chemical etching, x-ray Nanoimprinting (2 references) Keywords: bilayer, polymer Self-assembly (30 references) Keywords: DNA, molecular-scale electronics, nanobiotechnology, nano-object, nanostructure, pores, quantum dot, self-organized, silicon III.
Next to come in the nanojet investigations are water, molten metals, silicon, and polymers, and liquid biomolecules.
Holzman, "Integration of photonic nanojets and semiconductor nanoparticles for enhanced all-optical switching," Nature Communications, vol.