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one billionth (1/1,000,000,000) gram

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79 nanogrammes per litre with male levels starting at around eight to up to 30 nanogrammes per litre.We are reducing the threshold to five nanogrammes per litre, and if the levels are higher, then these athletes must seek hormonal treatment, for example through the use of contraceptives.
It was Mullins' case that the club was operating a secret "reporting threshold" of 50 nanogrammes of morphine per millilitre of blood, under which positive doping results would be ignored.
We are told Frank de Boer's test registered 8.6 nanogrammes of nandrolone.
Less than 1% of the tests showed levels in excess of the allowed standard of 200 nanogrammes of PCB/gramme of fat (in Italy the permissible level is 100 nanogrammes per gramme of fat).
The statement read: "In the course of proceedings, it was disclosed that the Jockey Club had issued instructions to the Horseracing Forensic Laboratory on March 28, 2003 that they immediately apply a 50 nanogrammes per ml cut off point for all tests for morphine.
Indeed, nandrolone does occur naturally in the body but the ATP insist their legal limit of two nanogrammes per millilitre of blood exceeds the level that could be generated.
Sport's legal limit is two nanogrammes - two parts per million.