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female goat

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But when he went to answer the phone, the nanny-goat ate the lot.
For example: "Teeth as a Source of Information about Character" (Moscow, 1979), "The Nanny-Goat (The Poor Man's Cow)" (Chernigov, 1910), and "How They Burn (Matches, Lamps, Stoves, and People)" (Moscow, 1925).
Trainer was okay but the Jockey Club, so much keener on upholding the wellbeing of its sport than is the Football Association, insisted that villainies be kept down to one per character: what we needed was a hard-drinking, crooked, bisexual jockey who is in the pay of bookmakers and travels to the races with his nanny-goat, who is no better than she should be.
Apparently those nanny-goat workers refused to turn up.
The total number of goats went up by 1.2%, but nanny-goats fell by 6.9%.