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Synonyms for nanny


Synonyms for nanny

a woman who is the custodian of children

female goat

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A new version of the Net Nanny parental control and content filtering software has been introduced by its developer ContentWatch Inc, the company said today.
Vanessa Cook, managing director of the Little Ones nanny agency in London, said: "With American families it is undoubtedly the Supernanny phenomenon.
To a single mother, the idea of bringing a male nanny into her home might seem comforting: She might appreciate the presence of a protective and masculine influence.
The choice to hire a nanny came after Duncan, a co-owner of a local software company, and her husband, Dan, a therapist, sat down and looked at child care costs.
I have a nanny service that just deals with special needs children.
In the end, this unlikely trio decides to start a nanny agency of their own, catering to the highest bidders in posh Beverly Hills.
During his 11-plus years as artistic director of New York City's Public Theater, Wolfe first commissioned Lackawanna as a one-man show by actor Ruben Santiago-Hudson, who also happens to be Nanny's real-life surrogate son.
"If your choice is a nanny, whether it be a residential or daily nanny, your first point of call should be at a well-known nanny agency, with a clear code of practice, that can offer help and advice.
It was obvious the nanny was saying Don has no focus in his life.
It's certainly annoying to have to clean kitchens, mop bathrooms, wash endless loads of laundry, cope with mewling children, and confront the other rows that the modern nanny must hoe.
Still, Whoopi Goldberg is almost certainly Hollywood's hardest working nanny. In The Color Purple Goldberg played nursemaid, cook, and washerwoman to Danny Clover and his brat pack, receiving little thanks and lots of abuse for her efforts.
The child drew a picture of its Filipina nanny rather than its parents.
And it interviewed the families who have suffered at the hands of a so-called nanny, who have had to come to terms with the fact that the woman they trusted shook their baby so hard she is now almost blind and severely brain damaged.
One recent ad for a pounds 43,000-a-year nanny's job stipulated candidates must have been educated in Britain.
Even dutiful taxpayers deserve forgiveness for shuddering at the mention of the maligned, misunderstood "nanny tax," the various federal and state taxes that employers of a nanny, babysitter, gardener, maid, chauffeur--any form of household help--are required to withhold.