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Synonyms for nanna

(Norse mythology) wife of Balder

god of the Moon

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I feed the birds and sweep the path, Put the carrots in the pan, Nanna says she couldn't manage, Without me, her little man.
Xx BRANCH ANGELA Happy Mothers Day Nanna Angie Love you loads Daisy, George & Rosie ( kiddy pops ) xx BRANNIGAN IRIS Happy Mothers day Mam love you Sharon and Jimmy xx BRAYFIELD CHRISTINE Happy Mother's Day Mam.
`When I got his package I was like, `Oh my god, this is a joke,' ' says Porter, also a "Star Trek" fan whose 7-year-old daughter Gracie plays one of the kids on "Nanna's Cottage."
Xx Lilly and Ellis xx Bell NANNA Happy nanna's day love you always nanna from Rachel Robert and late baby Rose xxxx Bell SAMANTHA Happy Mothers Day lots of love from Olly Jack xx Bell SAMANTHA Happy Mothers Day love Craig, Josh & Liam xxx Bell SHIRLEY Happy Mother's Day Mam.
Love Shelly, Gary, Maisie and Bobby xxxx Banks K ATH Happy Mother's Day nanna you are very special to me I love u lots like jelly tots from Ruby Ryo xxxx Banks K ATH Happy mothers to the best mam anyone could ask for love u lots & enjoy your day love Nicola & chris Banks SUSAN Happy mothers day nana.
Have a good day all our love Paul and Ida xx DANIEL MARGARET Happy mothersday Lots of love Craig xxxx DANIEL MARGARET To nanna Happy Mother's Day Lots of love Stacey and Alfie xx DANIEL NETTIE Happy mothersday Lots of love Declan, Holly, Rebecca, Michael xxxx DARBYSHIRE ALLYSON Happy Mother's Day Mam, love you with all my heart forever, love always, your first born, Sam xxxx.
From Eve COOPER GLENICE Have a lovely day Love Laura & Amy Xxx COOPER GLENICE Love you nanna Have a lovely day Love your grandchildren Xx COOPER LAURA Have a lovely day mam Love you Love Jessica xxx COOPER LORRAINE happy Mother's Day mam Love annmarie Xx COOPER LORRAINE Best nanna in the world Love.
Chelsea & Tobias James xxx FRANCIS MELANIE Happy mothers day Mam & Nanna Love u millions Jodie,James & kids xxx FRANCIS MELANIE Happy mothers day mam/ nanna have a fab day you deserve it!
Happy mothers day mam also my best friend you are my inspiration love you lots Denise a nicky xxx DOUGLASs DENISE You are the worlds best mam love you loads buster xxx DOUGLASs DENISE Happy mothers day Nana we love you lots like jelly tots peter Darren Clayton a Ella rose x DOUGLASs DONNA We love u lots mam happy mothers day from Bradley lennox junior n your angel above Brandon -lee xx DOUGLASSHIRLEY Happy Mother's Day Nanna, thanks for everything you have done for me.
love you from your little one, Joanne xxx JEFFERSON JOAN Happy Mothers Day Nanna! We love you so much!
Love Lillie xxx Howes DEBBIE Happy Mother's Day mam love you all the world lots of love from Michelle and Craig xxxxxxxxx Howes DEBBIE To nana Debbie happy Mother's Day lots of love from Jaime Leigh and Daisy moo xxxxxxxxx Howes MICHELLE happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mam hope you have a great day love you from Jaime and Daisy xxxx Howes SHEILA Happy Mother's Day mam, thanks for everything lots of love always donna happy Mother's Day nanna love from alfie xxx HOWSON GILLIAN The best mam ever in the world Happy mothers day have a lovely day love from Kelly and Nicola xxxxxxxxx HUBBARD AMANDA Happy Mother's Day You're an amazing mam to our girls.
Love you to infinity, William xxx Lever STEPH happy mothers day to the best mam and nanna we love you loads mandy sarah leanne jamie and hugo xxx Lever TRACEYANNE happy mothers day to the best mam in the world on mothers day love rhiannon.sienna xxx LeWiS AMY My Mummy Best Mum in the World.
Love you millions, love Lilly-Ella and Caitlin xx KENDRA ARTHUR Happy Mother's Day to the best mam in the world love you loads Sam xx KENNEDY ENID Happy mothers day to a fantastic mam enjoy your day love u loads love always julie and marty x KENNEDY JANET Happy Mother's Day mam and nanna. Love Peter, Leanne and Olivia x KENNEDY MAUREEN no1 mammy have a great day love Deanna -mia xx KENVYN DIANE To the best Mam in the World.
Enjoy Your Day Love Mathew, Kevin, Catherine, Anna & All The Grandchildren xx MORRIS LINDA Happy mothers day to the best mother / nanna anyone could ask for love you loads kirsty, paul and boys xxx MORRIS LINDA Happy Mother's Day mam.