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a durable fabric formerly loomed by hand in China from natural cotton having a yellowish color

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'If I was ever to be a lady, I'd give him a sky-blue coat with diamond buttons, nankeen trousers, a red velvet waistcoat, a cocked hat, a large gold watch, a silver pipe, and a box of money.'
Here they would sell their furs, take in teas, nankeens, and other merchandise, and return to Boston, after an absence of two or three years.
(30) Of noted significance, Xuela did not only purchase a pair of trousers and an old cotton shirt from the wife of the man who had recently died, she also purchased his "old nankeen drawers" (p.
WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Anaemic 9 Rains 10 Hiked 11 Nankeen 12 UFO 13 American 16 In the red 17 Tat 19 Prevent 21 Forum 22 Alibi 23 Sucrose DOWN: 1 Bathtub 2 Back down 3 Amid 4 Frenzied 5 Tile 6 Using 8 Consecrates 13 Athletic 14 Anteroom 15 Stumped 18 Oprah 20 Erie 21 Fact QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Text message 8 Boa 9 Raw 11 Install 12 Flush 13 Set 14 Bye 15 Dessert 17 Now 19 Wept 21 Ever 23 Atom 25 Rota 27 Use 29 Terrier 31 Act 34 Fly 36 Chute 37 Gymslip 38 Tin 39 Eat 40 Teetotaller DOWN: 1 Tone 2 East 3 Trapeze 4 Enlist 5 Safer 6 Grub 7 Easy 8 Bison 10 Wheat 16 Two 18 Wet 20 Emu 22 Vat 24 Thermal 25 React 26 Fright 28 Egypt 30 Erect 32 Chit 33 Tune 34 Flee 35 Liar
Caption: Above: Heirloom 'Nankeen Brown' seeds (left) and 'Sunfield Brown' seeds named for Cindy's farm.
Near-threatened Nankeen Night Heron Nycticorax caledonicus hillii and Latham's Snipe Gallinago hardwickii were recorded at one reserve each.
The following scoring system was used to assess the stained tissue sections, determined by the density and extent: ① density: 0, no staining; 1, nankeen; 2, buffy; and 3, brown; ② extent: 0, no staining; 1, <30% cytoplasm; 2, 30–60% cytoplasm; and 3, >60% cytoplasm.
In one of the regulations we found the description for the uniform: navy blue nankeen, given that it must be durable, practical, and adequate for the work to be carried out, white apron, belt, and white hard collar.
It took two hours to unwind the nankeen cloth (pale yellow cotton) weighing 50lb 6oz (23 kilos) protecting the body which was found to be "in a remarkably perfect state".
"I was able to spend so much time with the co-founder, Claire, and worked with her on one-to-one basis every day on their specialist range of Chinese Nankeen indigo hand-dyed fabrics."
(50) Imports listed were iron, salt, nankeen; cotton cloth, sarongs, brass wire, iron pans, chintzes, red broadcloth, crockery, gunpowder, muskets, flints, handkerchiefs, gambir, dates, tobacco, sugar, sugar-candy, biscuit, baharri, decanters; glasses, silk, ginghams, nails, and "other little things, such as Venetian beads; ginger; curry-powder; onions; ghee; &c." Exports listed were antimony ore, sago, timber, rattans, Malacca canes, bees-wax, birds-nests, rice, &c., with gold, tin etc.
When the author describes material culture, she often takes it for granted that readers will be familiar with technical terms (dimity, taffeta, cambrick, tippet, nankeen, etc.).
(8) 'Nankeen' is a yellow fabric, originally from China.