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In this reading, "name" is bound up with "blessing," and, indeed, the LORD makes clear to Moses that the name of the LORD is one and the same with God's blessing.
To date, 62 names are in the Hurricane Hall of Shame.
After the year 1000 only two popes, Adrian VI (1522-1523) and Marcellus II (1555), kept their baptismal names.
Amid this wealth of thought and information, Rivkin and Sutherland's central message is that brand names matter.
Everybody knew what she was called, but nobody anywhere knew her name.
Admiral Life Insurance Company of America, Phoenix, changed its name to Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of Arizona.
In such publications, the common names of viruses will be those used in that language and not the English names.
Caveat: Excel protocol makes it easier to specify oneword names with no spaces.
Some names just sound funny: Zaa, Mops mops, Bla nini, and Awuka spuzzola.
Some disputes can be solved with letter writing, but there are formal resolution proceedings (Mandatory Administrative Proceedings or MAPs) through ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) that can be instituted.
In this new millennium, only the very best names will dominate the global marketplace.
With some companies paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for such already-registered domain names, complaints about cybersquatting have gone way beyond the courthouse.
HAL: Names like that don't evolve naturally--they emerge from a company's core business.
But to his chagrin, not only had the names and several variations been registered, they had been registered by another New York office leasing broker, Jeffrey Landers.
Name games encourage quick learning of names by campers, as well as leaders or counselors.