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a person who gives a name or names

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Israel got more from the Namer than a new title for the Holy City.
Source: IHS Jane's 360, 3rd June 2016, 'Israel's Engineering Namers in first exercise')
Named Eitan, the vehicle will weigh half as much as current Namer heavy carriers, also known asAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA arm personnel carrier vehicles.
Indeed, the days of a TV network controlling what and when you watch are gone, says Larry Namer, co-founder of E
EMMA'S DIARY The Emma's Diary app is a comprehensive pregnancy and baby resource, including medical information and development milestones plus fun features such as celebrity baby news, photo journal, baby namer tool and special offers.
CEO of Alfa Development Michale Namer said the company has begun a USD12 million renovation of the 90-room Hotel Grand Union.
A mainstream rebel group in southern Syria calling itself "The First Army" said in a statement that it had started a battle to take control of Namer and Qarfa in Deraa province and would attack six other locations.
VVALL mixed up Rearrange the letters to reveal the name of a famous Newmarket stable Feelgoods Namer (9,5) VVALL answers on page 127 Compiled by Tom Bull, Daniel Hill and Andrew Pennington
RICH Hall has come a very long way indeed since he gave up his job as a hurricane namer for the United States Meteorological Service.
eckons he can namer 50 Lords turning up for short periods just 0 daily handout.
When Namer gets tired of the pollution and the stress of the capital, he heads to Shanghai, but Beijing is where the action is.
We continue to be excited about the future in the Asia Pacific region," said Dominique Namer, president of Arkema Asia Pacific.
Prince Ahmed referred to the arrest of Namer Al-Namer who instigated the Qatif riots.
said that the agitator Namer Al-Namer is a dubious person scholarly and mentally and that his claims demonstrate a lack of reason or alienation, and this is most likely.
2, include the Israeli Namer, the Swedish CV-90, the Stryker Double-V hull, and a turretless Bradley.