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the feast day of a saint whose name one bears

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In February 2012 he changed his name days before the refund fraud and then went on the run for more than two years.
Over 300A 000 Bulgarians with the most popular Bulgarian name a Ivan a and its derivatives a are set to celebrate one of Bulgaria's most popular name days a Ivanovden, i.
I learnt to anticipate birthdays and name days (so much easier these days with Facebook), to always give flowers in odd numbers, to hold your thumbs and not cross your fingers, and not to even bother asking for a non-smoking table.
poems composed on the occasion of marriages, funerals, baptisms, birthdays, name days, arrivals and departures of friends, academic occasions, honors, anniversaries) written during the early modern period, in Latin and German, by authors living and working in the old German territories of Silesia, East and West Prussia, and Pomerania that were ceded to Poland and Russia in the wake of World War II.
This has become clear from data about names in Bulgaria released Friday by the National Statistical Institute, which also indicates that more than 100A 000 Bulgarians with the name 'Yordan' (Jordan) will be celebrating their name days a a unique Bulgarian tradition a on Epiphany, also known in Bulgaria as Yordanovden.