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a ravine or gully in southern Asia

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Before the nala plugs were built, Sakarben had to walk to nearby villages to fetch water, and her crops were dependent on the always unreliable monsoon.
Five other families also benefit from the groundwater recharge provided by the three nala plugs.
Since then they have built more than 1,000 nala plugs, and a number of check dams (slightly larger concrete versions of nala plugs) and percolation tanks (larger again) in approximately 35 villages.
The small nala plugs arc simple structures which can easily be eroded away if they are overtopped during floods.
In Bhagada village, wells are being recharged by 61 nala plugs and 17 check dams.
institutional and financial sustainability of NALAS
The programme supports NALAS by deploying regional and international experts.
New cooperative projects and greater visibility enhance NALAS international position and make it a reliable and respected partner, within the region and beyond.
As an institution, NALAS is a well-established network.